About the Company

Just being acquainted with the laws and following them is sometimes insufficiently. It is important to insist the other subjects to follow the laws: the officials, bodies of state power, contractors, your partners, persons, with whom you contact in your everyday life.

Our Company is a command of young professionals in different fields of law, who always are apt to grant qualified and necessary aid on problems of law applying, to protect your rights in court and bodies of state power and also to execute your commissions on legal questions. We are reliable legal advisors and representatives for our clients. We can aid you in all spheres of law applying both in private, and in professional life.

Justitia Omnibus (Latin) means equity for everyone. Our aim is guaranteeing of equity, justice and legality to every person. We are apt to become your reliable assistants and are oriented to formation of protracted partnership.
In our work we are guided by following principles:

  • A client is our valuable partner, and our aim is to aid himher effectively. We reserve commercial and private secrets of a client. We always keep in touch with our clients.
  • We act rapidly and effectively. We like challenges. Difficult tasks motivate us to the greater yield. 
  • We grant all the necessary legal and bookkeeping services at one place that saves your time and money. When needed, we involve specialists from other spheres. 
  • Individual approach to a client. It is some special technique, when our work is concentrated over the consumer of our services. In addition to that, in each case we choose the most optimal, unique decisions, taking into account all circumstances.
  • We use innovative technologies, while executing our tasks. Justicia Omnibus is the contemporary law firm that uses advanced technology, what helps us to keep up with the amendments to legislation, to precipitate execution of clients’ commissions and increase the effectiveness of our work.